Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Roger Sherman Debate Society members place among top 20 in national tourney

Assistant coach Kevin Gaughan sends this latest update on the ongoing success of the Roger Sherman Debate Society:

"I am proud to announce that two members of the Roger Sherman Debate Society recently placed among the top 20 speakers in the country at this year’s JV/Novice National Tournament in Towson, Maryland. In what can be considered the best national finish in the history of WCSU's debate program, Ben Allen won an award for the 4th best speaker at the tournament and his teammate, Ben Townsend, won the 17th speaker award. This marks a significant milestone both for the debaters individually and the team as a whole, since both speaker awards were the highest of any previous WestConn debater and it was also the first time that two debaters won a national speaker award in the same year.

"The team of Allen and Townsend finished the year ranked in the top 25 of novice debaters, defined as students with less than two full years of debating experience, and advanced to the elimination rounds at the national tournament.

"[On March 10,] with one tournament to go, WCSU is tenth in the northeast in the official National Debate Tournament rankings, above such schools as New York University, the University of Vermont, Fordham, Columbia University, the University of Massachusetts, and Amherst College.

"Congratulations to the Roger Sherman Debate Society for all of their hard work and perseverance over the course of the 2010-2011 season!"