Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update: Dan DeRosa, Psychology alum

Dan DeRosa
Dr. Shane Murphy, associate professor of Psychology, provides this update about recent alumnus Dan DeRosa, who is finishing his master's degree and will soon begin doctoral work at Florida Tech:
Dan DeRosa was the President of the WCSU chapter of Psi Chi, 2008-09, and graduated from WCSU with a Psychology major in May 2009.
Upon graduating from Western Connecticut, Dan presented the results of a research project conducted at Western in a poster session at the annual conference for the Association for Behavior Analysis International (the day after graduation). Dan describes what happened next: "While at the poster session I had the opportunity to meet two authors of one of the studies I referenced in the paper. One of these men invited me to present the paper in a symposium in Boston the following October. This was an honor I could not have anticipated. Also while I was at the conference, I met the Chair of the Behavior Analysis program at the Florida Institute of Technology. He urged me to apply to the Master's program, where I am now."

Dan is now finishing a dual master's degree in
Applied Behavior Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management at Florida Tech. He has been accepted to the Ph.D. program and will begin his doctoral work in the Fall 2011. Dan told us about some of the amazing experiences he is having at graduate school.
“While here, at Florida Tech, I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people, sharpen my clinical skills, and learn amazing new things. I have been a part of conducting a great deal of research and I look forward to continuing that for the rest of my career. I am currently assisting in the process of writing multiple grants that would enable me to continue conducting research in areas such as training school teachers to use behavior analysis in the classroom, autism applications of vibra-technology, and research that will translate basic research into real-world applications," he said.
"Also, I have served as the president of the Behavior Analysis Students Association and vice president of the Society for Performance Management. Our organizations host an annual conference that, I am proud to say, has continued to grow and attract a larger audience every year for the last three years. For the first time this year, our conference was broadcast over the internet and was viewed by behavior analysts from Massachusetts to California.”
 Way to go, Dan!  We're proud of you and your accomplishments!