Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hurricane research focus of new Bridge program

Longtime adjunct Marjorie B. Salem, a WCSU alumna who retired as the English coordinator at Bethel High School and who has been involved with the "Building a Bridge to Improve Student Success" program since its beginnings, reports on the latest addition to Bridges, a partnership between WCSU and the Danbury and Bethel public school systems:   
“The WCSU Bridges program continues its strong partnership with the Danbury and Bethel public school systems by initiating a new Hurricane Research Program organized and presented by Dr. Albert Owino, Assistant Professor of Meteorology and Director of Meteorological Studies and the Weather Center.
“Students from Bethel and Danbury high schools meet on campus every Wednesday from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the Science Building.   As part of the program, the high school students will learn how to conduct hurricane research, including the following:   preparing hurricane data charts, examining streamlines and hurricane temperatures, becoming knowledgeable concerning weather systems, and understanding the daily operations of hurricane researchers.  The program began Feb. 9.
“WCSU’s Weather Center, under the leadership of Assistant Director Gary Lessor also welcomes students from Bethel Middle School and Rogers Park Middle School every Wednesday and Thursday.  Students learn how to become weather reporters, create forecasts, and produce audio visual presentations  The Hurricane Research Program for high school students and the Junior Weather People experience for middle school students extend opportunities for future meteorologists to  participate in a “hands-on” laboratory.  Students are engaged in an environment fully equipped for each to understand how weather stations operate.”
Thanks much to all for their good work on this program!