Monday, February 7, 2011

Louisa Burns-Bisogno and webisodes

Longtime adjunct Louisa Burns-Bisogno was featured on the "Pulse" section front of the print edition of the News-Times on 6 Feb. 2011.  (Unfortunately, an electronic version of the story isn't yet available.)  In "She's Got 'The Write Stuff,'" writer Erik Ofgang, a WestConn alum, explores how and why Burns-Bisogno encourages her students to launch their careers with webisodes.  "Webisodes are not just a tool for the young, (something) to put your home movie on -- your dog has learned to jump through a hoop, or at the backyard barbecue a funny thing happened -- it's about storytelling in the new age, the digital age," Burns-Bisogno explains in the story.  A highly successful screenwriter, Prof. Burns-Bisogno teaches playwriting and screenwriting in the Communication and Writing departments.