Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kudos to Roger Sherman Debate Society -- Part 2

Here's another report about the recent success of the Roger Sherman Debate Society from RSDS President Debra Salvato:

"I would like to congratulate the Roger Sherman Debate Society for their performance this past weekend at the John Jay Gotham Debate Tournament in Manhattan. Despite running on two hours of sleep, Benjamin Townsend and Ben Allen managed to end with a 4-2 record in an extremely competitive novice bracket with a total of 31 teams. They broke into the octofinals and beat Vermont on a 3-0 decision. They then lost to the 2nd seed from Binghamton in the quarter finals on a close 2-1 decision.
"I would like to give special recognition to Ben Allen, who received the fifth best speaker award out of 62 debaters. Ben was only two points behind the top novice speaker at the tournament.
"In two weeks the RSDS will travel to the University of Massachusetts in hope of continuing its success."
Again, way to go, RSDS!