Friday, February 25, 2011

WCSU hosts Hat City Debates this weekend

The Roger Sherman Debate Society is hosting the Hat City Debates this weekend (Feb. 26-27) on campus.  Some of the top debate teams in the region will take part in the competition. 

The tournament schedule is below:

8:00 AM: Round 1
10:30 AM: Round 2
12:30 PM: Lunch
1:30 PM: Round 3
4:00 PM: Round 4
6:30 PM: Round 5 (CEDA only)

8:00 AM: Round 5 (NDT only) Round 6 (CEDA only)
11:00 AM: CEDA Elimination Debates, NDT qualifier
1:30 PM: Lunch and Award Ceremony
2:30 PM: CEDA East meeting during elimination rounds
2:30 PM: Elimination Rounds for CEDA
2:30 PM: NDT run-offs as necessary
4:30 PM: Elimination Rounds (as necessary)
7:00 PM: Elimination Rounds (as necessary)

Best of luck to all of the competitors this weekend!